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Norm 06 Lamp Shade
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Norm 06 Lamp Shade

A self-assembly lamp shade designed by SImon Karkov - Normann Copenhagen presents Norm06. Maybe we should move oat from self-assembly lamp shade, however, we yield to temptation as soon as we saw Simon Karkov's latest idea. Norm06 us decorative lamp shade with personality and character that fits our design universe in a perfect way.


Simon Karkov explains: "I have worked on Norm06 for the last 3-4 year and just like manta of my other projects; I had to leave my idea for a while and look at it again a couple of month later. The design is inspired by nature, by the lilies and the water lilies. Norm06 nicely follows the Danish design tradition for lamp shades with its shielding of the bulb and the soft light."


Norm06 is a sculptural lamp shade with its own expression. it is east to assemble without the need for any tools or glue. Norm06 is a good place to start your lamp-puzzle adventure and could - perhaps - be the last in our self assembly series.

Norm 06 Lamp Shade featured in CreativeHomex's vol.99 hot segment.

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