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Wineglass Hanger

Do you fumble when carrying a bottle of wine and four wine glasses from the kitchen to the dining area? Because let’s face it, we don’t have the nimbleness of fine dining waiters. But with the Wineglass Hanger, problem solved! It also looks great as a centerpiece with your table settings!

1)Take the wineglass hanger and push the slit onto the stem of the wineglass.
2)Turn the wineglass upside down and place the hole of the wineglass hanger over the neck of the wine bottle.
3)To take the wineglass hanger off the stem of the wineglass, twist and pull.

Gray Hanger: 3 pieces
Black Hanger: 3 pieces
Material : Polyester
Size : 125mm x 55mmm
Thickness : 5mm
Made in Japan


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The concept behind Furnish is to take ordinary items and transform it into something that is not only practical, but fun to use. The products are made up of 80% fun factor and 20% self expression, thus creating products that are unique and aesthetically functional.


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