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To place an Order at iN Shoppers...


First Step.

Locate the item you would like to purchase.

A. Fill in quantity that you like to buy. You can buy up to the availability shown.

B. Choose to select the options if have.


C. Click "ADD TO CART" to add the item into the cart.


There will be a temporary pop up to show your shopping cart. You can click on the shopping cart to view your cart.


Alternatively, if the pop up disappear, you can click on the shopping cart or check out on the upper menu.


Second Steps.

D. Check if your quantity is correct.

E. Please click on "UPDATE" if you make any changes on quantity.

F. Please click on "CHECKOUT" when you are finish.


G1. If you are a new customer, please click on "CONTINUE" to register.

G2. If you are return customer, please fill in your email and password and click on "LOGIN".


H. For new customer, please fill in the personal details, your address, and your password.

I. Please check on the first check box if you would like to receive our latest newsletter. (We send out newsletter for the deals, latest products, and promotion news)

If your delivery and billing addresses are not the same, please uncheck the second check box, you will be asked for your shipping address on the next step.

J. Please click on "CONTINUE" after you have finished.


K. Here you can enter new delivery address.

L. Please click on "CONTINUE" for next step.


M. Please choose your delivery method.

N. Please fill in your comments about your order.

O. Please click on "CONTINUE" for the next step.


P. Please choose the payment method. For bank transfer, please email us your payment reference number to after you have paid.

Q. Please tick "I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions"

R. Please click on "CONTINUE" for next step.


Please check and confirm your order. Please write down the bank transfer information (you can see this information in your order history).

S. Please click on "CONFIRM ORDER" and you are done with the order.


We will process the order within 24 hours. You may check your order details on your account.


You may start your shopping @iN Shoppers now.

Enjoy your Shopping!

iN Shoppers

iN is the first retail store set up by iN Publishers, a home interior publication company. The retail store is set up to support the website and a platform to build closer relationship with readers and clients. As a website, plan to share ideas and information on home-related topics besides being an online store, where exclusive crossover products are on sale.

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